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After Abortion

Does the memory of your abortion haunt you?

Does the memory make you anxious, angry, bitter, regretful, depressed or empty?

You're not alone! Thirty-three percent of American women have an abortion at some point, but hardly any of them ever talk about it. The reason is simple: Many women who choose abortion go against their own core values. Feeling guilty and ashamed, the secret was locked away. There was never a time to grieve.

Unresolved grief can result in:

Poor self-image, flashbacks, suicidal thoughts, self-condemnation,
sleeplessness, dreams, substance abuse, crying episodes, or sexual problems.

You don't have to live this way.

There is hope, help, freedom, and healing through a program called Forgiven and Set Free. Here you will find a safe place to work through denial, share fears, anger, shame, guilt and grieve your aborted child or children. Find freedom from your past and discover a LOVE for you and your unborn child/children. You don't have to do it alone. We will walk along side you as you heal.

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