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Forgiven and Set Free - FAQ

Q: Who can attend the study?

A: Any woman who desires healing after having any abortion.

Q: How long is the study?

A: There are two options:

1) A weekly study that meets once a week for two hours and lasts for 11 weeks.

2) A weekend retreat that meets from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon.

Q: Do I have to attend every weekly session?

A: It is important you attend all sessions, however, if you are unable to attend on a particular week, that session can be made up by making arrangements with the group leader.

Q: What if I decide I don't want to attend the study any longer?

A: You are always free to stop attending, but those who have completed the study will assure you it was worth the investment. It is life changing!

Q: Where is the study held?

A: We make every attempt to set the weekly study in a location that is convenient for the participants of the current study, so locations will vary in the Asheville area. The weekend study is held in Asheville or a nearby community dependent on where we can reserve a facility.

Q: I haven't told others about my abortion. Is this study confidential?

A: The study is totally confidential and non-judgmental. You can feel safe knowing that nothing discussed within the group will be shared outside of the group.

Q: How many women will be attending?

A: We hold the groups to a small size between 2-6 to assure everyone is well cared for.

Q: Who will be leading the group?

A: Groups are co-facilitated by women who have completed the study in the past and have gone through extensive training to lead a group.

Q: Will any men be attending?

A: No. Only women attend. There is a separate study for men. Call for details.

Q: What does it cost to attend the study?

A: There may be a minimal fee for the book, but scholarships usually cover all costs.