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Life Limiting Diagnosis? | McDowell Pregnancy Care Center

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Unexpected News at your Ultrasound?

Being told that something is wrong with your baby can be devastating. Your hopes and dreams are altered. You need support through all phases of this journey from decision making during the pregnancy to birth and possibly death.

One Family's Story

At 19 weeks, Eva's parents were told that their little girl had Spina Bifida. They were told all the things Eva would likely never do and early termination of the pregnancy was suggested. But, Eva was real - a life with little footprints - and her parents chose to carry her to term, regardless of what the future held. The journey was long and lonely. This is why we formed Eva's Footprints - because no family should walk this path alone!

Eva's Footprints offers free counseling and support for parents dealing with a life-limiting, even lethal diagnosis. We understand that loving friends and family may not understand a grieving parents needs, which can lead to additional isolation and sorrow. The goal of Eva's Footprints is to make a family's time with their baby meaningful - understanding and honoring their wishes and the need to make lasting memories. We want to preserve hope while helping prepare for the future - whatever that may hold.