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Life Limiting Diagnosis FAQ | McDowell Pregnancy Care Center

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Life Limiting Diagnosis FAQ

Q: What does this diagnosis mean?

A: Something happened that has caused your developing baby not to be healthy. The news is scary, even devastating. They may even have used words like ”fetal anomaly,” “incompatible with life,” “life-limiting,” or “life-threatening.” Depending on the type of diagnosis, there will be limiting factors in your child’s life. For those who choose to continue their pregnancies, our goal is to help parents embrace whatever life their baby might have - before and after birth.

Q: What if the diagnosis is wrong?

A: Prenatal diagnosis is not perfect. At birth, some babies' conditions are less or more severe than predicted. Decisions and plans can always be adjusted as the baby makes his or her needs known. You can let your baby lead you. You are not alone.

Q: Will I be prepared for what will happen?

A: Your feelings are overwhelming. Step back and take a breath. There is time to explore all your options and make the best decision for your baby.

Q: How much will my baby suffer?

A: Your health care providers are equipped to keep your baby comfortable and free from suffering. Fear comes from the unknown. Get answers to your questions.

Q: Do many people go down this path?

A: Yes, but you might be facing pressure to end your pregnancy. We will walk with you on this journey so that you can cherish the time you have with your baby.

Q: What do I need to know about planning for the birth?

A: We suggest that you write out a birth/parenting plan. This allows you to make decisions based on your goals, values, beliefs, and preferences. We can help you develop YOUR plan.

Whatever the diagnosis, we are here to help you every step of the way. Please call (828) 252-1306 with any questions.