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To the Guys:

"You're what???"

There are a million things running through your head: What are my responsibilities? Am I ready to be a father? Can I afford a baby? Will this ruin my relationship? What will my parents and friends say? How do I break the news to them?

An unplanned pregnancy is a hard time for you, too. There are so many questions and no easy answers. You may be wondering what to do next.

The FIRST step is to confirm the pregnancy and to know the facts about your options.

If she is pregnant, you need to make some decisions. You don't need to decide about your future together right now, but you do need to decide the future of your child.

Remember: you are both overwhelmed right now! You may be angry, frustrated, scared, or disappointed.

Know this:

  • You have time to work through all the issues. This is a decision that should not be made quickly.
  • Take time to think.
  • Don't make the mistake of failing to ask for help.
  • We here for you, too! Call us at (828) 652-7676.